About moto club MOTOAPLIS

The association "Motoaplis" was established on January 30th, 2008, with the goal to:

   » unite motorsport enthusiasts;

   » organize motorsport events (including local and international competitions);

   » participate in motorsport events (including local and international competitions);

   » organize motosport trainings;

   » attract youth , children , etc. groups and educate on matters related to motorsport;

   » prepare motorcycles and engines for safe driving and participation in motorsport competitions and motosport trainings;

   » promote motorsport.

We offer the highest quality motorcycle rider education and training. Our rider coaches are experts in identifying your individual learning style. Riding a motorcycle is serious business. Our goal is to help you become the best rider you can be – while having fun doing it.

Tax allowances.

According to the Law "On Corporate Income Tax", Article 20.1 , for residents and permanent agencies - tax is reduced by 85 percent of the amounts donated (..) to associations registered in the Republic of Latvia (..) and having the status of a public benefit organization.

Public benefit status.

The Law on Public Benefit Organisations came into force on October 1st, 2004. The law aims to facilitate public benefit activities of associations and foundations, as well as religious organizations. The law states that a public benefit activity is such an activity that provides a significant benefit to society or part thereof , especially when it is directed to (..) supporting sports.

Club Motoaplis details.

Society "Motoaplis".

Reg.nr.: 40008123407

Legal address: Varavīksnes gatve 20-9, Latvija, Rīga, LV-1082

DNB Bank, (SWIFT code: RIKOLV2X)

Bank account: LV61RIKO0002013094327

Phone: +371-29323030

E-mail: motoaplis@motoaplis.lv

Home page: www.motoaplis.lv

Social networks: www.facebook.com/motoaplis, www.draugiem.lv/motoaplis, www.twitter.com/motoaplis

Motoaplis logo.

Motoaplis logo (Corel Draw)

The club's statutes.

The club's statutes.pdf